Belinda the Ballerina

(Viking, 2002)

Once there was a ballerina named Belinda. Belinda loved to dance, but she had two big problems: her left foot and her right foot. When people made fun of her, Belinda decided to give up dance forever. But what will she do without it? With her determination and spirit, she finds a way to continue doing what she loves best. Belinda takes center stage in this charming story in which the size of her feet is rivaled only by the size of her heart.

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Belinda in Paris Coloring Sheet
Belinda Begins Ballet Coloring Sheet

Awards and Reviews

"Belinda the Ballerina has a story and real spirit, and its stylized and varied gouache illustrations are consistently amusing. Encountering it is like beginning to dance after endless afternoons of exercises." — Adam Liptak, New York Times, September 2003

"...a fresh and satisfying treatment, utilizing spirited gouache paintings that capture the sadness, the humor, and the triumph of Belinda’s story." Booklist, March 2003

"In a rather crowded corps de ballet of recent dance titles for children, Belinda stands out for more than her big feet." Kirkus Review, February 2003

"A great story about believing in yourself and doing what you love, no matter what anyone says." Better Homes & Gardens, July 2003

"…Belinda’s triumph will resonate with all the kids (and grownups) who have ever been judged before being given a chance to prove themselves…Belinda herself is a graceful Olive Oyl in a pink tutu (with huge pink toe shoes), who will ingratiate herself with every would-be ballerina who chances to encounter her." The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, April 2003

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