Belinda in Paris

(Viking, 2005)

All of Paris was abuzz with the news — Belinda the ballerina was coming to town! But when Belinda's extra-large ballet shoes wind up in Pago Pago by mistake, she and a young ballerina must hit the streets to look for a new pair. Along the way, Belinda befriends a trio of Parisians, each with his or her own problem. Can Belinda save the day and still find ballet shoes before her performance that night?

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Belinda in Paris Coloring Sheet
Belinda Begins Ballet Coloring Sheet

Awards and Reviews

Children's Choices Award 2006
Each year over 10,000 school age children from all over the United States read and vote for their favorite newly published trade books.

Nominated for 2009-2010 Georgia Picture Storybook Award

"Young's thorough research is apparent in the subtle French touches through-out her gouache illustrations and in her choices of locations throughout Paris. Belinda is an amusing and appealing character who surely will find other performance venues as her character continues to develop." — Kirkus Review, January 2005

"Besides illustrating Belinda’s lively tale, the lightly stylized paintings introduce children to the sights, the streets, and the ambiance of Paris. Even better, the solution to Belinda’s problem has a distinctively Parisian flavor. Like its predecessor, this picture book features an engaging story, graceful illustrations, and, in Belinda, an instantly recognizable character who is simply magnifique."  — Carolyn Phelan, Booklist, February 2005

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