Belinda Begins Ballet

(Viking 2008)

Before Belinda was a ballerina, she was just a tiny girl… with two very big feet! Little Belinda does just fine with her extra-large tootsies until the drama teacher casts her as the clown in her school’s talent show. But Belinda’s big feet have a mind — and talent — all their own, and when she gets in front of the audience, they’ve got their own ideas about what kind of show to put on!

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Belinda Begins Ballet Coloring Sheet
Belinda in Paris Coloring Sheet


"Fans of Belinda the Ballerina (2003), Belinda in Paris (2005), and Belinda and the Glass Slipper (2006, all Viking) will enjoy the girl’s backstory. Readers meet Belinda as a baby with huge feet and learn of her trials jumping rope, buying shoes, and playing hopscotch. On the positive side, her big feet allow her to reach a cookie jar on a high shelf and ski without skis. The plot revolves around a school talent show in which Belinda is pushed into being a clown. Terribly unhappy about performing, and peeking at another student practicing her ballet routine, she longs to dance as well. She enchants the talent-show audience by being true to herself and breaking out of being a clown and transforming into a ballerina. The illustrations depict a younger Belinda than in the other books but with otherwise the same look and feel. A solid story with a positive message about underdogs and self-confidence." – Linda M. Kenton, San Rafael Public Library, CA
School Library Journal, April 2008

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