amy young
school visits
What to expect if I visit your school: An educational, interactive and fun presentation from an award-winning author/illustrator.

I will read one of my books and then take the audience through the steps involved in making a book. We will explore (1) where ideas come from, (2) writing and editing, (3) research, and (4) making the artwork, from initial sketches to final art.

Presentations are geared toward the age and comprehension level of the audience. For pre-school and kindergarten the maximum presentation is 30 minutes, depending on how much they wiggle.
For grades 1 – 3 presentations average 45 minutes and explore the concepts of editing and honing one’s work. For grades 4 and up presentations last 45 minutes to an hour and go into greater depth, giving very specific examples of the editing process (teachers love that part).

I also do presentations for adults, tailored to the needs and interests of the particular audience.

Book sales are encouraged at my events! It is very exciting for a child to have a signed copy of a book by an author they have met.

It is best to pre-sell books (unless we are at a bookfair), using the form provided here (or make your own). This form should be sent home to parents for them to send back with payment before the day of the author's visit. It is a good idea to get a few extra books to sell on presentation day and after.

If the school puts a slip in each book spelling out the name of the child for whom it is intended, I can sign books whenever time permits during the course of my visit.

Ideally, teachers and students will have looked at some of my books BEFORE they are asked whether they wish to purchase any. That way, students know whether or not they are interested; it will be too late if they wait til they see me to decide!

I do not handle book sales directly. Generally, it is easiest if you work with a local bookseller: after collecting the forms and the money from students, simply place your order. (You should contact your bookseller before sending home the forms to double check pricing.)

If you prefer, you can order books directly from the publisher, usually at a discount, and sell them yourself.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to order books – a month or more is best!

For more information about school visits, email me.